Mindful Psychological Health offers a wide array of comprehensive services to a broad range of population, using more of a practical, strategic, solution-focused, process-oriented, and collaborative approach with non-judgement and empathetic stance.


It can often be a difficult decision to pursue therapy and takes significant courage

and strength towards pursuing change. Similar to physical health, our mental health

also needs a screening as our emotional, behavioral, and mental well-being can in

turn impact physical health and contribute to medical conditions, if neglected.


Mindful Psychological Health functions from the foundation which aims to create a

positive and safe experience for individuals seeking therapy. The process begins

with establishing a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship, which hopes to

service as an initial agent for change.


Establishing a trusting and secure therapeutic foundation hopes to encourage

positive growth towards goals and initial focus of treatment, while taking into

consideration all sensitive social-cultural factors.


Process of therapy is facilitated with transparency about what to expect from

therapeutic process with focus on individuals needs and expectations. Treatment

goals are formulated collaboratively with individuals seeking support in a safe

environment which may encourage positive changes to promote quality of life.