Seeking therapy can often be a difficult decision and can often create anxiety and ambiguity about what the process will entail.

However, Mindful Psychological Health functions from the foundation for a positive experience in therapy which begins first with establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship.

Establishing a trusting and secure therapeutic foundation can encourage positive growth towards goals and the initial focus of treatment. The process of therapy is facilitated with transparency about what to expect from therapy and goals are formulated collaboratively with an open and safe environment.



To provide quality therapeutic services to a diverse range of population (including children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics) by using an integrative therapeutic approach and wide array of techniques while creating an individualized treatment plan to meet one’s presenting concerns/needs.


To collaborate with the individual seeking therapeutic services all while establishing a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship, in order to fit his or her needs/goals and aim to improve and strengthen overall quality of life and functioning.


Therapeutic interventions are provided with respect, kindness, sensitivity, empathy, authenticity, nonjudgement, compassion, encouragement, dignity, and collaboration, all while focusing on and utilizing an individual’s strengths to facilitate treatment.